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Brands, and how people feel about them, are the very essence of why people buy.  
In this new era of clarity and honesty, many people look
to the company behind the brand and how they impact
the world around them.  Creativity that is in sync with these values simply makes sense.

How do you say "Thank You" in 27 languages, while inspiring the world,
and making the viewer stop and think?

Now... let's say you're the Creative Director for the launch of the first ever free self-driving AV shuttle to operate on major city streets.
How do you brand it - loud and proud or serious and scientific?
And what do you do if it gets into a fender bender in its first 3 hours of operation?...

We put a giant bandaid on it, and posted that image on Social Media with the simple headline: “Ouch!” ;-)

We put a giant bandaid on it, and posted that image on Social Media with the simple headline: “Ouch!” ;-)

iShares Video

The Brand Strategy had to work on 3 levels:  As recognition that professional investors needed to constantly evolve just to survive.  As a commitment to them that we would evolve and anticipate their needs. And most importantly, as a rallying cry for the entire industry - "Let's all Keep Evolving!".

SunPower Digital 

This digital was unanimously selected in focus groups.  It ran as part of a market test in Central California. Despite it being an already saturated market, working with the agency Division of Labor (DoL) we were nevertheless able to move the needle. In fact awareness increased by more than 100% and sales increased month over month.

Schwab Retirement Video

This is an increasingly critical area for Schwab and of course the economy as a whole.  The first step for any brand is to be relatable and show you understand.
This campaign positioned the investment vehicles that Schwab made available to investors nearing retirement as simple, effective, and timely.